ZERO TUTU in HDW Above-Exihibition


Above - The International Design Exhibition is a high profile interior design exhibition featuring top international design and designers. The exhibition is curated by Kari Korkman and is being produced by Helsinki Design Week. It is the main exhibition of Helsinki Design Week.

Above will be held on the breathtaking first floor of the Old Customs Warehouse, which has not been previously opened to the public. The unique turn-of-the-century loft space provides a contrasting backdrop to the modern pieces and ideas for the home.

The Opening Night will be on 7 September (by invitation only), and the exhibition will be open to the public from 8-16 September in Old Customs Warehouse
Katajanokanlaituri 5, Helsinki.

DECOlight is proud to inform you that you can also find ZERO TUTU lights as part of featured international design and designer’s work.

Tutu - New 2012 – Iskos - Berlin

"Think of ballet, and then of theclassic skirt: the tutu. Usually made of several layers of tulle, worn by theprimest of prima donnas. A childhood memory lies at the bottom ofIskos-Berlin's version. Remember when Mummy used to dim the light by putting ashawl or a skirt over it? And if one wasn't enough, she'd add another. Tutu ismade of polyester blanketing from recycled plastic bottles."